The strawberry farm started

by Fruits Park SAIAN

In 2018, we opened one of the largest strawberry farms in the fruit Kingdom Yamanashi and started offering strawberry picking. Here is a paradise of strawberries where you can taste various kinds of house grown fresh strawberries as well as make fun memory with friends and family. To offer best and new experience that you have never seen before, we propose ICHIGO ZANMA as new standard to enjoy Yamanashi's strawberry.

Why we're Selected

Commitment to sweetness

When you take one bite of our strawberries, the taste of sweet and fresh fruit fascinates you. It is the love and passion for a strawberry the producer thinks. That commitment is from the soil. In order to make strawberries more sweet and flavorful, we stick to the quality of the soil and carefully grow them.

Commitment to memory-making

We think about hospitality and entertainment as crucial factor of ICHIGO ZANMAI. For example, we install “the high place cultivation” that everyone can easily pick up strawberries while standing, and “the photo spot” where a cute standee welcomes you in the entrance and makes your memory special. We sincerely hope your experience of strawberry picking will be an unforgettable story here at ICHIGO ZANMAI.


Enjoy 13 different tastes with your five senses. 

We have 13 kinds of lineups that are full of variety. Each has slight differences in appearance, taste, fragrance and texture. When you eat and compare one to another, you will find out the uniqueness of that strawberry. 

Red conical shape. The peel is soft and fresh. The refreshing sweetness spreads throughout the mouth.

The balance of sweetness and sourness is exquisite, a little demon strawberries that follows. "MOIKKO (one more time)" Maybe your hands won't stop!

Brilliant red color in a natural shape.

Sweet mellow & moist and juicy. Be satisfied with sweet happiness

A beautiful cone shape is an honorable strawberry. Please enjoy the moderately sweetness and gorgeous fragrance that will leave a good aftertaste.

Brilliant coloring and sweet temptation with a strong scent. When you take one bite, full of juice and dense sweetness will come.

Sweet rich and fruity fragrance that are outstanding when you eat. Even the pure white pulp will be surprised.

Full of sweet and sour taste with a clear flavor. It also has abundant vitamin C that shall be perfect for girls, right?

A kind of strawberries with strong sweetness and richness. Even the firm pulp has  abundant vitamin C.

The finest taste for adults who can enjoy the pulp with strong sourness and good crispness! 

It has firm pulp and a beautiful shape. The slightly strong sourness is delicious!!

Dark red and with firm pulp. The balance of sourness and sweetness is perfect.

Moderate sourness is added which makes its sweetness stands out even more. Shaped in big size, everyone is happy to get for their souvenirs!

The skin and the pulp are both soft. It’s also very juicy with a strong fragrance.


Make the best of nature in Yamanashi that makes delicious fruits.

We respect nature in Yamanashi and face toward fruits with passion and affection. Taking advantage of Yamanashi 's climate features, we try hard every day to make more people smile by our delicious fruits. Inspired by the culture climate on Yamanashi, we continue to think and make action for this land of farm to be more vitalized.



The price on left is for strawberry picking (30 mins). Group of 15 people or more will get 100 yen discount. Baby buggy can enter inside too!



We have a coupon to those who have made reservations in advance. Please click the button below and show the display screen to the staff when entering. For those who want to visit on the weekend and make a reservation on the day, please call us first! (+81-55-231-5353)

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